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T H E  M A K E R

BELLA is a creative soul and a macrame artist. After moving to Australia in 2016 chasing a slow living lifestyle close to the ocean I started Brisa Macrame. All my designs are inspired by the beaches around the world and slowly handmade with organic and local supplies. 

Wheter you would like to learn macrame or have one of my designs please get in touch, I would love you to be part of my journey. 

If you have a project in mind or would like to collaborate send me a message.


O U R   D E S I G N S 

Local and sustainable handmade home decor. All our work is inspired by the nature and for that reason we respect it by being as sustainable as possible. Working with organic and local supplies, our cord is 100% Australian organic cotton and all dowels are made with Tasmanian oak. 

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